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man hallucinating

5 Ugly Truths About Stimulant Psychosis

Stimulant psychosis is a side effect of stimulant use that can make you have delusions, hallucinate, and be agitated. The symptoms can be severe and it might seem like you’ve lost touch with reality.  The symptoms of stimulant psychosis include: …

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elderly woman

7 Facts Nobody Told You About Drug Abuse and Skin Problems

There are countless ways that drug abuse can damage your health, but did you know that your skin is one of them? From methamphetamine abuse to binge drinking, nearly any drug that you abuse can give you skin problems.  You …

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ecstasy pills of all different colors

How Long Does Ecstasy Stay in Your System?

Ecstasy is a drug that has properties of both stimulant drugs and hallucinogenic drugs. Some common stimulant drugs are cocaine and methamphetamine. Common hallucinogens include LSD and ‘magic mushrooms’. Ecstasy’s effects include certain attributes of these drugs’ effects. The primary …

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date circled in red on a calendar

Sober Date Ideas

Research suggests that millennials are cutting down their alcohol consumption. Instead, they’re opting to participate in wellness events. They recognize that alcohol ages the body and decreases longevity. Clearly, sobriety is not just a lifestyle choice for those in recovery. …

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woman watching her kids play at Christmas

Surviving the Holidays in Recovery

For most, the holidays are a time to celebrate with family and reconnect with distant loved ones, a rare opportunity to share in laughter and joy around the same table. It’s normal to experience increased levels of stress in anticipation …

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Video – Rebuilding Trust with Family and Friends in Recovery

Substance abuse often takes a toll on family and other relationships. For those attempting to sustain long term recovery after addiction, rebuilding trust can be a huge challenge. Alyssa Horton (Aftercare) and Toby Lineaweaver (Senior Clinician) lead the discussion.

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