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Addiction & Recovery Blog

woman watching her kids play at Christmas

Surviving the Holidays in Recovery

For most, the holidays are a time to celebrate with family and reconnect with distant loved ones, a rare opportunity to share in laughter and joy around the same table. It’s normal to experience increased levels of stress in anticipation …

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Video – Rebuilding Trust with Family and Friends in Recovery

Substance abuse often takes a toll on family and other relationships. For those attempting to sustain long term recovery after addiction, rebuilding trust can be a huge challenge. Alyssa Horton (Aftercare) and Toby Lineaweaver (Senior Clinician) lead the discussion.

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Video – Entering the Workforce as a Young Adult in Recovery

This is the second in a series of talks regarding employment for those in recovery. This time, the topic turns to younger adults who have wasted early adulthood in addiction, and have not had the same experience in the workforce. …

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Video – The Changing Age of Addiction & Developmental Considerations

If you’ve worked in addiction treatment for any length of time, you’ll recognize that our average client has changed recently. Older alcoholics who’ve often lived through significant life experiences both prior to and during addiction are being replaced by younger …

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Video – Getting Back to Work in Recovery

For those in recovery, especially immediately after completing an addiction treatment program, getting back to work can be intimidating. A full-time career can also make recovery more challenging. Toby Lineaweaver (MA, LMHC, Senior Clinician and Community Liaison) and Jennifer Rego …

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Video – Motivational Interviewing

Our Clinical director discusses Motivational Interviewing, and how that’s utilized in an addiction treatment setting.

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