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young man staring a table covered in cocaine white powder

How to Get Cocaine Out of Your System

Are you or someone you know trying to get cocaine out of your system? If you have been using cocaine, now is certainly the best time to stop and turn your life around. Cocaine is a very commonly used illicit …

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How To Kick Alcohol Addiction

How To Kick Alcohol Addiction For Good

Alcohol is the third leading preventable cause of death in the United States. If someone compulsively drinks and can’t control their alcohol intake, they likely have an alcohol use disorder. Binge drinking and heavy drinking is highly risky. In this …

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two young men exchanging a bag of white powder drug deal

Substance Use In College Students – Helpful Tips On How To Overcome Your Addiction

If you’re a college student in recovery, then you already know how hard it is to stay in recovery with triggers everywhere.  In 2017, substance use stats in American college students included:  7 million students reported binge drinking 8 million students …

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map of Massachusetts

Drug and Alcohol Laws in the State of Massachusetts

Drug and alcohol laws in the state of Massachusetts are stringent. They can come with harsh penalties on the first offense too. DUI Laws In Massachusetts In Massachusetts, DUI has a broad definition. The state sets a general limit for alcohol, a …

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woman covering her mouth

Can Drug Abuse Ruin Your Teeth?

You’ve probably heard the term “meth mouth” before, but how much do you know about drug use and its effects on your teeth? Different drugs affect the body in their own ways, but many drugs do affect the mouth. Some …

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5 Facts About Drinking on Antidepressants That Will Make You Think Twice

If you take antidepressants for a mood or pain disorder, then you know that the list of possible interactions is long. Alcohol and antidepressants can have serious interactions, ranging from mood disorder symptoms to dangerous blackouts. It’s clear that drinking …

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