Meditation and Addiction Recovery

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Throughout much of human history, meditation has effectively helped people reduce stress, anxiety and pain.  For these reasons, many addiction treatment centers include meditation in their daily programming.  It is also prescribed to those seeking long-term recovery after treatment.  Meditation has taken an important place alongside traditional, formal treatment protocols like group therapy and 12-step programs.  If you are struggling with addiction, incorporating practices such as centering, mindfulness, and breathing can help you manage cravings and maintain a positive on life.

Find Your Center During Difficult Times

The grip of addiction can be extremely powerful.  During addiction treatment, it can be easy for you to succumb to feelings of hopelessness.  Regular meditative practice, whether 15 minutes in the morning to start your day or 10 minutes at night before you go to sleep, can help you find your center when times are tough.

Be ‘In The Moment’ And Combat Cravings

Learning to safely manage the inevitable cravings that will occur during treatment is one of the most critical skills that you can develop while attempting long-term recovery.  Meditation helps you focus on being mindful, present in the moment, and not lost in repetitive or harmful thinking.  Mindfulness training is a great technique for managing cravings.  Meditation helps you become attuned to the greater world.  This allows you to focus on the hear and now, rather than give in to a damaging cycle of craving and release.

Meditation To Take A Mental Break From Ongoing Stress And Stimuli

As noted, meditation can help you find your ‘center’ when confronted with stressful times or relapse triggers.  But, it can also provide a moment during the day that is dedicated solely to your well-being.  This can also be a skill that you practice every day, making it a regular habit.  Your only goal during this brief portion of the day will be breathing, calm, and tranquility.

Meditation is part of our holistic approach to recovery at Recovering Champions.  Contact us right away to start your journey.

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Published on: February 14, 2018 | Edited on: August 10, 2022

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