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Can Heroin Addicts Recover?

A 2012 study concluded that 10% of all American adults (18 and older) answered “yes” to the question: “Did you once have a problem with drugs or alcohol, but no longer do?” It is startling to consider that such a significant number of Americans have battled substance abuse. But it is reassuring that these same… View Post

What is Recovery? – A Brief Look at our Destination

One thing we all can agree on? Recovery is the goal! But, while the word recovery has a specific meaning, in the context of addiction and treatment, it can be a harder thing to pin down. Addiction is a bit easier. To the brain, addiction looks basically the same whether the person is addicted to… View Post

Nutrition and Addiction Recovery

Addiction treatment programs that include good nutrition give their clients a better chance at long-term recovery. A healthy diet can also help a person struggling with addiction deal with some of the challenges of early treatment stages. By the time an addict decides to seek out help, however, healthy eating can seem like a low… View Post

How to talk to your kids about drugs and alcohol – Part 1

Talking to your kids about drugs and alcohol early and often is one of the best defenses against substance abuse problems later on. Understandably, many parents struggle with how to navigate these conversations. How do you approach the subject and at what age? How do you make sure your child is really listening and understanding… View Post

How to Approach Someone About their Addiction

Confronting someone about their addiction is always difficult. You may fear that you are stepping over boundaries or risking your friendship approaching the topic. Avoid the feeling that “this is someone else’s job” and know that in many cases you are choosing to help save someone’s life. But how and when should you go about… View Post

Ways to Stay Sober in the New Year

With 2017 upon us it’s time to starting thinking about yourself in the New Year. Who and what do I want to be this year? And the answer is a person in recovery, but how you get there is a little more difficult. In a previous article, we covered “A Few Steps to Help Avoid… View Post

Nutrition and Your Road to Recovery

Good nutrition and a proper diet are important to one’s overall health. At Recovering Champions, we believe that this is especially true for someone dealing with addiction.  We place an emphasis on improving one’s diet and nutritional choices by creating a large outdoor garden which currently grows everything from lettuce to other key ingredients which are… View Post

Are Opiates the Biggest Addiction Problem in the United States?

The opiate epidemic sweeping the United States has caught the attention of every parent / relative of an at-risk person across the nation. Fueled by intense media coverage, the concern over opiate addiction seems to have surpassed that of other drugs. Easily accessible and cheap to buy, heroin and other opiates are growing in popularity… View Post

What is a Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)?

When most people think of a drug / alcohol treatment program, they tend to envision the rehab programs most commonly portrayed on TV or in the movies. Typically, this involves an inpatient treatment program where you are forced to live within the facility for an extended period of time.  This type of treatment can be… View Post