Legalization of Recreational Marijuana in Massachusetts

The legalization of recreational marijuana in Massachusetts could be a boon for the business of treating people in recovery for substance abuse. While that might be good for my business, Recovering Champions, it’s precisely the reason I oppose passage of Question 4 on the November 8 ballot. Marijuana is a gateway drug. By providing easy… View Post

A Few Steps to Help Avoid Addiction Relapse

The completion of a drug or alcohol recovery program is a tremendous accomplishment but those who struggle with addiction know it is only the beginning. Recovery if a life-long journey and for many, relapse will unfortunately be part of their journey to sobriety. While everyone’s road to recovery will be different there are somethings that… View Post

Stories of Hope & Survival

Stories of Hope & Survival Recovery is a hard road, there’s no denying it.  The addict often wants to be better, wants to be sober and wants to refuse the next drink or hit. But as we know, too often the addiction trumps those desires.  Recovery may seem daunting, if not impossible. But we know… View Post